Thank you for visiting.  I hope you will enjoy browsing the galleries presented here and possibly see something you have not seen before.  In the content below you will find a brief explanation of the organization of the site which will hopefully make it easier for you to find images that interest you.

To view the images on this site simply click the BROWSE menu option at the top.  When you do you will see that the information is organized in 3 ways:


These are custom pages which contain text and images much like any web page.  In fact, you will see this page listed in the Pages grouping.


These are collections of images.  Typically all of the images have something in common and the title of the gallery will state what that commonality is.


These are collections of Galleries.  Typically all of the galleries contained within a folder have something in common and, like gallery titles, the folder name will state what the commonality is.


The navigation of the site is very straight-forward and similar to what you have experienced for years on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Simply click on any Page, Gallery or Folder to view its contents.  Once you are within one of the pages or folders you will find Breadcrumb Navigation in the upper left corner which makes it possible to move up to previous levels within the organizational structure.  Within galleries you will see an "X" in the upper right corner which will exit the gallery and "<" ">" buttons at the left and right center of the image which enable moving forward and backward through the images.  You may also see a triangular arrowhead symbol in the lower left which will begin a slideshow of the images in the selected gallery.  In the lower right corner of the gallery images you may see a button group like the one shown below (to which I have added labels).


The Buy button, shown in the button group above, seen while viewing images, makes it possible for you to purchase a print of the image or products with the image on them.  Any cost associated with the Buy button is for the printing service.  Printing services are provided by 3rd party printers and I receive no portion of the proceeds.  I AM NOT selling images on this site.  Not yet anyway.  If/when the quality justifies it - possibly. 

Once again.  Thank you for visiting.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit.


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